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5 Quality Cases for Samsung Chromebooks

Chromebooks may not get too much attention in the media but they are amazing devices. They are perfect for folks who spend a lot of time on the Internet. These devices are designed to just work. Samsung happens to make a bunch of them. Just like regular laptops, you are going to need a case to protect your Samsung Chromebook. These 5 cases have you covered:

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foam chrome

rooCASE Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve Case: works for Apple MacBook Air and Samsung Chromebooks. It has a shock absorbing foam interior.

case logic

Case Logic LAPS-111 Chromebook Sleeve
: an affordable case for your 11.6 inch Samsung Chromebook. It is quite slim and offers top to bottom protection.

chrome 5 case

Case Logic 12.1″ Laptop Sleeve: designed for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. It is a compact neoprene sleeve with a padded handle. It is weather-resistant too.

nylon case

Kroo Carrying Case for Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: not only protects your laptop but also has internal pockets for your other belongings. It is made of durable EVA wrapped with Nylon.


Pwr+ Sleeve Case for Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: a water resistant case with two-way zipper for Chromebooks. It protects your device from scratches and fingerprints. You can put it inside a bag or carry it on its own.

Chromebooks are not expensive laptops. You should still buy a case to keep them protected. The above products are cheap and get the job done.

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