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5 Essential Accessories for Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is quite unique. Unlike other tablets on the market, this device runs Microsoft Windows. That means it will provide a more familiar experience to Windows fans. If you have picked up one of these tablets, you may want to consider picking up these Microsoft Surface accessories too:

Surface Type Cover: a cool keyboard cover that helps you get more work done on your Surface tablet. It is ultra thin and supports Windows keys. It doubles as a cover.

Surface Touch Cover: a super slick keyboard accessory for your tablet. It has a dual-purpose pressure-response keyboard and protective cover. This magnetically attaches to Surface.

Surface HD Digital AV Adapter: you are going to need one of these cables to display your Surface content on a high definition screen.

Surface 24W Power Supply: magnetically attaches into surface and provides it with a constant supply of power.

Surface VGA Adapter: this cool cable lets you display your Surface content on VGA-compatible displays.

These accessories are not cheap but they do let you have even more fun with your Surface tablet. You could always try getting non-Microsoft Surface accessories on sites such as Amazon though.

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