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3 Must See iPhone & iPad Repair Tools

iPhones and iPads are not cheap gadgets, so when they break, not everyone may want to buy a new one. Thanks to these smartphone and tablet repair tools, you will have an easier time opening and fixing your device:

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Justech 82-in-1 Repair Tool: a complete kit for laptop, tablet, and smartphone repair jobs. It comes with opening tools, tweezers, utility knife, SIM card ejector, and a whole lot more.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit: this kit consists of tweezers, spudgers, magnetic pad, opening tools, anti-static wrist strap and a 64-bit driver set.

CPB Heating Pad: helps you keep your phone’s components organized. It has a LED screen and two modes with adjustable temperature. It has 4 notches and 30 screw positions.

Have you found better iPhone and iPad repair tools? Please share them here.

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