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5 Car Lighter Chargers for Smartphones

Some of us spend a lot of time on the road. Your phones or tablets won’t last you for too long, so you will probably have to charge your devices in your car at some point. That’s when having a decent car lighter charger helps. These 5 chargers let you power up your phones or tablets as you drive:


Mediabridge High Output Dual USB Car Charger: has a simple design that works. It can charger your iPhone & iPad at the same time. You get over-charge protection too.

new trent

New Trent Arcadia Rapiduo: a dual port high-speed charger for your USB devices. It has short circuit and overcharge protection.


Car Charger with Lightning to USB Cable: a small charger for your iPhone 5. A Lightning cable is included so you can charge your phone conveniently.


iFlash High Output 4 USB Car Charger: allows you to charge 4 devices in your car. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android, and GPS devices.

charging output

TYLT Y-CHARGE Car Charger: has a unique design that will determine what your device needs and provides the right charging output. It can charge two smartphones fast.

These chargers are compact and let you charge one or multiple smartphones in your car. They are handy to have during long road trips.

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