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3 Pedal Chargers for Smartphones

There are already plenty of off-grid chargers that help keep your iPhone and Android phone going during a power outage or emergency. Thanks to these pedal chargers, you won’t have to wait for the sun to come up or a windy day to charge your gadgets:

K-TOR Power Box: a 20-watt pedal generator that can charge a 12v battery. It folds flat for easy storage. You can screw it down for stable pedaling. You can use it to charge portable electronics directly.

Pyle Pedal Power: this add-on combines with your bike to generate energy for your devices. Simply bring a USB cable and the rest is easy.

PedalCell: a generator for cyclists that uses the rotation of the front wheel of your bicycle to power smartphones, lights, GPS, and other devices. It comes with 2 x USB-C ports. You can install it with an Allen key.

Have you found better pedal chargers for smartphones? Please share them here.

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