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3 Pet Activity Trackers for iPhone / Android

Our dogs are very precious to us. Losing them can be quite painful. That’s why dog trackers are quite useful. They not only show you the location of your pet, they also show you its activities. Some of them can even help you keep your dog healthy. Here are 3 pet trackers you can use in conjunction with your iPhone or Android device to better take care of your pet:

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TAGG The Pet Tracker Master Kit: an advanced GPS for tracking the location of your pet. It provides health monitoring charts too. It works for pets over 10 lbs. The companion app is available for iPhone and Android. You can use the Tagg Tracker to compare your dog’s activity level over the course of the day.


Whistle: it is an on-collar device that measure your pet’s activities and helps you track its behavior. You can check on your pet from your iPhone. You can use this to prepare reports for your vet.


SpotLite 2.0: a GPS tracking for your pet. You will get 24/7 tracking, recovery support, and location alerts with your monthly membership.

These pet trackers are not always perfect but they could save your pet’s life in many cases. Nice to have and not need than the other way around.

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