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3 Portable Wind Chargers for Your Gadgets

So you would like to keep your smartphones, cameras, and other USB devices charged throughout your outdoor adventures? Solar chargers can always help. When the weather is not favorable, you can use these wind turbines to generate power for your devices:

WaterLily Turbine: lets you charge your USB devices using water or wind. It runs 24/7, making it ideal for overnight trips.

Vindur: a lightweight, portable wind turbine with carbon fiber blades that can generate energy in winds as low as 9mph. It can be used to charge batteries for your RV too.

Infinite Air: uses wind toe generate power to charge your batteries, phones, and GoPro cameras. It generates up to 10 watts in winds as light as 15mph. It is designed to work in extreme temperatures.

Have you found better portable wind chargers? Please share them here.

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