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3 Radiation Detectors for iPhone

Radiation is all around us. You won’t have to worry about getting cancer or suffering from health issues if your body is not exposed to heavy doses of radiation regularly. You can look up radiation information around the world online. You could also use radiation detectors of your own to find out about radiation hazards at your location. If you happen to own an iPhone, you could use these kits to turn your iPhone into a radiation detector:

radiation detector

Pocket Geiger Type 4 for iOS
: this device is compatible with old and new iPhones and iPads. It offers measuring range of 0.05 µSv/h to 10 mSv/h (Cs-137), 0.01cpm to 300kcpm.


RDTXPRO Portable Radiation Detector
: turns your iPhone and iPod into a radiation detector. It offers accurate gamma radiation detection and can run for 96 hours on battery. The display indicates radiation levels as being safe, elevated or dangerous.


iRad Geiger: turns your iOS device into a radiation detector. It has a free companion app for mapping and database information. It gets energy from your phone’s audio jack. You can measure x-rays, gamma rays, and high energy betas.

You could always pick up a standalone Geiger counter to measure radiation levels at your area. The above accessories make it possible to read radiation levels on your phone or tablet.

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