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5 Smart Firewalls for Your Home Network

We all have plenty of devices in our homes that are connected to the Internet. If your network is not secure, all those devices could be vulnerable. Here are 5 smart firewalls you can pick up to secure your home network:

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Zyxel ZyWALL USG40-NB Firewall: provides wired network security to stop viruses, harmful websites, and illegal downloads. It has a fanless design and doesn’t make a whole lot of noise. It has a built-in WLAN controller for managing 2 access points.

Roqos Core: an intrusion prevention, WiFi VPN router that keeps your devices protected from malware and hack attacks. It also has parental controls.

CUJO AI Smart Firewall: a smart gadget that protects your network from viruses and hacking. It has parental controls too. You can use this to protect smartphones, gaming consoles, cameras, and other connected gadgets.

Protectli Vault: a fanless solid state firewall compatible with pfSense CE, VyOS, OPNsense, Security Onion, Untangle, and other solutions. It is powered by an Intel Atom quad core processor.

Firewalla: an open source internet security device that protects your home from cyber threats. It also blocks ads, controls kids’ internet usage and has built-in VPN to protect your privacy.

Have you found smarter firewalls? Please share them here.

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