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3 Smart Musical Instruments That Teach You How to Play Music

Learning how to play music is much easier these days when you can rely on apps and smart trainers to help you out. These 3 musical instruments pair with your smartphone to help you practice and produce music anywhere:


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jamstik+ Smart Guitar: a smart guitar that connects to your iPhone and helps you learn how to play. It is portable and works with various MIDI apps and DAWs like GarageBand. It can sense the position of your fingers and display them in real time.

illuminating piano

Illuminating Piano: this smart piano has 61 LED lit keys to show you how to your favorite songs. You can see and hear the notes as your song plays.


Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1: a musical instrument that can serve as a portable guitar, violin, and piano. It connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It works with any MIDI compatible software.

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