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3 Smartphone Connected Cat GPS Trackers

Losing a pet is tragic and could happen to anybody. There are plenty of app smart dog trackers on the market. Cat lovers used to not have many choices but that has changed over the years. Here are 3 smartphone connected cat GPS trackers you don’t want to miss:

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Tractive Cat GPS Tracker: a smartphone compatible cat GPS tracker that works with any collar. It has a waterproof design and can track time, rest, and calories burned. It offers tracking in the US, Canada, and 150 other countries.

Jiobit Pet Tracker: a compact real-time location tracker for cats. It connects to your phone to let you track your kitties from any distance. It has a secure connection to the internet and GPS.

Weenect: one of the smallest cat GPS trackers around. It has no distance limit and offers real-time tracking. It has a training module, so you can call your kitty back home when it is time for dinner.

Have you found better app connected cat location trackers? Please share them here.

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