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3 Must See Treadmill Desks That Let You Work While Running

Treadmills are wonderful machines that can give you a decent workout at home. Some of us prefer watching movies or simply working as we walk or run. These 3 treadmill desks let you do just that:

Popular treadmill desks and workstations

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Walk with Me Pro-XT Plus: this expandable treadmill desk fits machines from 34″ up and extends up to 40″ in length. Its elastic straps fit around rectangular or rounded treadmill handles. It can hold your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Dr. McBabe’s Treadmill Desk: a portable desk that adapts to most treadmills. It has a rubber surface, so your things won’t slip off. It measures 24 ” x 16″.

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: allows you to use your laptop, iPad, or DVD players while you workout. It has a velcro strap to hold your devices securely.

Have you found more reliable treadmill desks? Please share them here.

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