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3 Must See Virtual Reality Mats

Your virtual reality headset already comes with everything you need to get an immersive gaming experience. With a decent VR mat, you will have an easier time feeling centered and reducing risk of hurting yourself. Here are 3 virtual reality mats that can help with that:

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VR Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat: a position-orientation mat that helps you feel centered. Its textures help you keep track of your location in the physical world. It has foot positioning guides and rails to allow perfect placement.

ProxiMat Space Traveler: a 23″ VR mat for room scale VR. It has ridges and a blue north button to provide you with direction while the large center button helps you find you way back.

ProxiMat Fitness Edition: a VR mat for your fitness games. It is designed for games that let you use side to side stepping, jumping, and crouching. It measures 48″ wide.

Have you found better virtual reality mats to give you a more immersive experience? Please share them here.

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