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2 Wrist Chargers for Smartphones

Whether you own an iPhone or Android device, you are going to have to charge your device frequently if you want to keep using it. Some folks pick up battery extenders and solar chargers to keep their gadgets changed for longer. Having to carry extra accessories just keep your smartphone charged is not always convenient. These 2 wrist chargers are much easier to carry around and still provide power for your devices:

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Wrist Band Power Bank: it’s a battery that you can wear around your wrist. It has a capacity of 1500 mAh. Charges iPhones and Android devices.

solar charger

Solar Wrist Charger: a solar charger for mobile devices you can wear like a watch. Its 900 mAh has enough juice for emergencies.

There are many other chargers and battery extenders available on the market. The above wrist chargers are just easier to carry around.

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