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5 Must See Accessories for Apple HomePod

HomePod is a smart speaker designed to make your home smarter. It can play your music and control your smart home devices. It is not a cheap device by any mans. Thanks to these HomePod accessories, you can protect your speaker and get more out of it:

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Handmade Leather HomePod Travel Case: a beautiful handmade HomePod case with padded bottom, cable management, handle, and protective zipper strip.

FitTurn Apple HomePod Case: comes with a shockproof protective film to protect your HomePod. It doesn’t block the charging port either.

LIKDAY Speaker Stand for HomePod: a stand for your speaker with rubber pads at the bottom. It also has wire management.

Yocktec Waterproof Case for HomePod: protects your speaker and its accessories. It has a water resistant fabric. It comes with a convenient carry strap too.

Lightning Power Anti Dust HomePod Cover: makes your HomePod more colorful. It features elastic fabric.

Have you found cooler HomePod accessories? Please share them here.

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