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5 Interactive Companion Robots for Your Home

Robots are everywhere these days. In the near future, you will be able to bring smart robots home to cook your food and take on many other household chores. For now, you can use these cute robots to keep you company:

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Loomo: a robot sidekick from Segway robotics. It is a self-balancing transporter with auto follow, AI, and and an Android SDK. It will have a drag & drop interface for easy programming. The robot has a 4.3″ screen, HD camera, 3D camera, various sensors, and an Intel Atom Z8750 processor inside.

HelloPika: this cute Pikachu robot tilts its head and responds to your kids. It can also nod and shake its head depending on what you say.

Robi Jr: this miniature robot is developed to hold conversations with you. It can ask questions and remember your answers. Has about 2000 phrases and can understand around 30 phrases.

Haro: a cute robot with LED eyes and moving ears. It has a database of responses it can search through to give you the best answers

Tapia Smart Robot Companion

Tapia: a smart companion robot with a touchscreen, camera, speaker, and microphone. It has various sensors and can provide you with weather updates and other useful info.

Have you found cooler companion robots? Please share them here.

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