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4 GPS Receives for iPod Touch & iPad

Many folks use their iPhone to find their way around and get to their destination faster. You don’t need an iPhone and a fancy data plan to track your location. Your iPod Touch and iPad can get the job done too. These 4 GPS portable receivers send GPS data directly to your iPod Touch and other iOS devices so you can find your way around fast:

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bad elf gps

Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro: lets you connect 5 devices to it via Bluetooth. It is compatible with the iPhone 5, the new iPad, and iPad mini. Its data logger stores 100+ hours of tracking data. The device has a rugged and splash-proof design.

bad elf

Bad Elf 1000 GPS for iPad & iPod
: this directly plugs into the 30 pin connector port of your device and provides accuracy up to 2.5m.


Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver: turns your iPod Touch into a GPS. It does not require a jailbreak. It draws power directly from your device. The UltiMate GPS is small and portable. You can use it for geocaching, hiking, golfing, cycling, and running.


Dual Electronics XGPS150A GPS: a universal Bluetooth GPS receiver compatible with your iPad and iPod Touch devices. It is pretty portable and compact.

Have you found better iPod and iPad GPS receivers? Please share them here.

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