4 Safety Products for Bike Riders

rear wiz

Going out on a ride on your bicycle each and every night is great for your body. You get to burn calories and give your mind a break. You need to do your best to stay as safe as possible though. Here are 4 safety products you can use to have fun rides without any issues:


RIDEYE: a black box camera for your bike. It has crash detection sensors and remembers everything before a crash. Nice to have and not need.

veolicty light

VeloCityLight: a speedometer bike light. It displays your speed and gives drivers a better idea how to approach you.

bike nav

HammerHead: regular GPS devices can be distracting to use when riding your bicycle. The HammerHead guides you through enjoyable bike routes and does not distract you.

rear wiz

RearViz wrist mounted mirror: want to see what’s behind you on the road conveniently? This wrist mounted mirror has you covered.

These products help you stay safe on the road. They give you peace of mind as you ride your bike.

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