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3 Handy Multitools for Bicycles

Riding your bicycle on a regular basis is fun. But it might need repairing once in a while. It could be frustrating to end up without the right tools to fix your bike. Theses 3 multitools for bikes can help:


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Gooj: a multitool with 18 functions to get you unstuck. It is a chain splitting tool, hex wrench, screw driver, and more. 


Topeak Hexus II: a multitool with a compact, lightweight design. It can act as a wrench, screwdriver, chain tool, tire lever, and more. It is designed for road or mountain use.


Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool: offers 19 functions to help you fix your bike’s issues. It can serve as a hex wrench, screwdriver, chain tool, or Torx driver.

Have you found better bike multitools? Please share them here.

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