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3 Useful Smartphone Camera Poles

Have you ever wanted to take selfies but didn’t want your stretched arm to obscure the frame? Maybe you want to capture videos at a certain angle or get close to the action. These 3 smartphone camera poles can help you take better shots with your smartphone:

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camera pole

iPhone smartphone camera pole: great for capturing selfie shots. It works for smartphones and digital cameras. Can extend to over 1 meter.


iPole Trekking Pole: great for capturing photos and videos using your small camera. It is highly adjustable and has sturdy locking levers.


Tadpoles: designed for small cameras such as the iPhone and GoPro. It has a tilting “Ball & Socket” head for precise positioning. Lets you get your camera closer to action easily.

These smartphone accessories allow you to get closer to action and capture higher quality photos and videos. Make sure you don’t try them with heavy cameras though.

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