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5 Handy Mackie 820i Mixer Accessories

The Mackie 820i Mixer is a pretty special product. It is a premium Firewire recording mixer you can use to produce podcast episodes and video material for YouTube in a more professional manner. It has great preamps and works with Pro Tools and other major DAW software. If you have picked one of these up for your studio, these Mackie 820i accessories are worth checking out too:

Mackie Onyx 820i Mixer Bag: it is designed to carry and protect your mixer. It offers protection against drops too.

Mackie Rackmount Bracket Set: this is made by Mackie for those of you who want to turn your mixer into a rack-mounted mixer.

Planet Waves Classic Series XLR Microphone Cable: if you want to get the best quality audio out of your mixer, you are going to need high quality cables. These cables are shielded to offer noise rejection for quiet operation.

Planet Waves Custom Series Instrument Cable: these are high quality cables with 24k gold-plated plugs for your instruments.

RME Babyface
: every studio needs to have a decent audio interface. RME’s audio interfaces are super quiet and very high quality. They are not cheap but you do get what you pay for.

The above accessories complement your Mackie 820i Mixer and help you put together a more sophisticated studio. What else would you add to this list?

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