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How to Cool Down Your PS3 – 4 Coolers

Just like any computer or electronics, your PS3 heats up when you work with it a lot. Heat is the enemy of your game console though. You could always play with it in short periods of time to avoid overheating it. These 4 cooling solutions for your PS3 could help too:

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High Performance Thermal Pad for Playstation 3: this thermal pad protects your PS3 from overheating. Once you install them, your PS3 will run much cooler.

PlayStation 3 Horizontal Cooling Power Station: this is a horizontal stand for the PS3 slim with 2 cooling fans. It has a USB hub with 3 ports too.

Sony PS3 Cooling Fan
: improves your PS3’s cooling performance and is plug and play. It has a quad fan design.

Evercool Defender Turbo Cooling Fan: works with the original PS3 system. It increases airflow and reduces temperature.

The PS3 units that overheat all the time won’t last long. The above cooling solutions help you keep the temperature of your device under control.

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