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5 Scanners for iPhone and iPad

Your iPhone and iPad are more than capable of storing your digital files. They have plenty of storage space and come with plenty of apps to help you scan your documents. Getting a scanner dock is a good idea if you want to digitize your documents and photos conveniently. These 5 iPhone and iPad scanners digitize your documents in no time:

Doxie Go – Cordless / Mobile Paper Scanner
: a super portable scanner you can take with you anywhere. It can scan up to 600 pages with its built-in memory. It offers wireless transfer of files to your iPhone or iPad with an Eye-Fi card.

iConvert Scanner for iPad
: this tool lets you digitize your receipts, bills, and other paper documents. It weighs only 1.44 lbs and offers max resolution of 300 dpi.

DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad: another decent iPad scanner with 300 DPI scanning resolution. A companion app is included too. The app is for free.

Mustek S600i iPhone/iPod Docking Scanner: this scanner is designed for the iPhone. It can scan up to 4 x 6 inches at 600 dpi. You get the i-Scan mini app for free.

Ion ISC31 iPics 2 Go Photo Slide and Negative Scanner: this awesome scanner works with 35mm negatives and slides / digitizes them. Its free app offers instant sharing. Great tool to digitize your old books with.

These scanners save you time scanning and digitizing your documents and photos. Most of them are very portable too!

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