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5 Essential Accessories for Litter Robot LRII Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Litter Robot LRII Self-Cleaning Litter Box is pretty awesome for those of you who have one or multiple cats. It self-cleans and saves you time in the process. This is not a cheap litter box but you can use these accessories to get more out of it:

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Concealer Cabinet for Litter Robot: conceals your litter robot in a decent looking cabinet. It is easy to assemble too.

lr2 ramp

LR2 Ramp: constructed from laminated card board. This comes with non-slip rubber feet and helps your pet use the litter box easier.


LitterMaid LMC100 Litter Box Carpet
: sits under your litter box to catch scattered litter. More importantly, it is decent for cat scratching.

litter robot

Litter Robot Accessory Pack: has carbon filters, base seals, a fence, and 10 pound bag of litter. It is a starter kit for your Litter Robot.


LR2 Lip Extender: a simple accessory that fits over the soft rubber lip at the bottom of the entrance and catches misses.

The Litter Robot LRII Litter Box is not cheap but makes a great gift for pet lovers. It takes care of your cat’s litter box for you. There is a lot to like about this.

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