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3 Accessories for StreetStrider Outdoor Elliptical Bike

The StreetStrider is a pretty interesting exercise machine. It lets you exercise outdoors and have fun doing so. It is not a cheap elliptical bike by any means. These 3 accessories help you get more out of your StreetStrider:


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StreetStrider Indoor Package: taking your bike outside is fun, but once in a while, you may want to use it indoors. This package help you with that. 

roll on

StreetStrider Roll on Hitch Rack: this is designed to let you load and unload your StreetStrider without lifting it off the ground.


StreetStrider Luggage Rack: connects to the tail of your Sprinter 3r to let you carry your groceries and other personal items.

Have you found better StreetStrider accessories? Please share them here.

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