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5 Unique Amazon Echo Stands

Plenty of people are using Amazon Echo devices to make their home smarter. By investing in a decent stand, you are going to have an easier time keeping your Echo protected. Here are 5 geeky Amazon Echo stands you don’t want to miss:

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R2-D2 Echo Stand: this cool stand is 3D printed in PLA. It is available in a variety of colors.

Death Star Echo Dot Holder: not only protects your Echo Dot from accidents but looks good doing it. It doesn’t block the charging cable either.

Fantasy Ring Amazon Echo Dot Case: a cool gift idea for the Lord of the Rings fans. It is 3D printed and hand assembled.

ANSCO Shur Shot Echo Stand: as the name suggests, this Echo stand was made from an upcycled ANSCO Shur Shot camera. You can open the back of the camera to gain access to the ports.

Echo Dot Owl Stand: this cool Echo Dot stand is made in the shape of an owl. It can be 3D printed in various colors.

Have you found cooler Echo Dot stands? Please share them here.

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