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3 App Connected Cannabis Grow Boxes

So you would like to grow your own legal cannabis and other herbs at home? You don’t need a fancy indoor garden but these app connected grow boxes can simplify the process:

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Linfa Weezy: a smartphone connected hydroponic grow box that you can use for tomatoes and similar plants. It doesn’t require you to deal with any soil. It lets you know when you have to add water. A 75-day cycle can give you a yield of up to 50 grams.

Abby Grow Box: a compact grow box with app and voice control. It has a footprint of 2 sq.ft. It has Samsung 301H LED lights. It also has temperature/humidity sensors and an air control system.

LEAF: another indoor garden with temperature and humidity control. It comes with BIOS LED light, HD camera, carbon filter, and various sensors. It comes with iOS and Android devices. This garden has pH, humidity, air temperature, plant height, and water level/temperature sensors.

Have you found better app connected grow boxes? Please share them here.

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