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2 Handy SolSource Solar Cooker Accessories

Grilling and cooking food outdoors can be lots of fun. But you can’t take an ordinary oven with you everywhere you go. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use sunlight to cook your food? The SolSource Solar Cooker lets you do just that. If you are planning to pick up one of these cookers, you should give these products a look too:


SolSource Grill Pan with Lid: has a cast aluminum core, black anodized base, and safe ceramic inner coating and is stable at 450ºC / 850ºF. It is also scratch resistant.


SolSource Cover: this cover protects your solar cooker. No need to do anything to your SolSource when you can just put this one.

The SolSource Solar Cooker is not cheap, but it does make cooking outside fun. Great to have if your area gets lots of sunny days.

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