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4 Awesome Augmented Reality Glasses for 2014

Wearable computing is the future. We are going to see many awesome wearable devices in 2014 and beyond. Google Glass is already being tested by many explorers. It is not the only game in town though. Here are 4 augmented reality smart glasses we are excited about:

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Atheer: a wonderful pair of smart glasses that provides you with an immersive 3D display and supports natural gestures. It also is backward compatible with Android apps.


Google Glass: Glass is not perfect but still has a lot of potential. As someone who has been testing it for months, I can tell you that Glass keeps improving. It should be a much more polished device when it is released in 2014.


Recon Jet: a powerful pair of augmented reality glasses with dual core CPU, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, many sensors, an HD camera, and high resolution display.


Meta Pro Smart Glasses: provides you with a holographic interface. It provides a screen area 15X bigger than that of Google Glass. You get a camera, sound, 9 axis motion tracking, 40 degree field of view, a 3D HD display, and more.

Which one of these glasses are you impressed with the most?

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