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5 Must See Auto Tracking Cameras

There are plenty of fancy cameras on the market. Not all of them are capable of following you to keep you in the focus. Here are 5 auto tracking cameras that follow and keep you in the focus:

Samsung SNH-V6410PN SmartCam: a smart pan tilt camera with 1080p resolution. It can monitor a moving person and object. It also has a privacy mode and night vision.

Swivl: combines with your smartphone to let you self-capture presentations and videos. It has a wireless remote for easy control.

MOTUS: a robot cameraman that combines with your smartphone to track you. It tracks 50x per second. Works indoors and outside.

AVer PTC500: a professional auto tracking camera that can track moving objects and people. It has a 120-degree panoramic field of view.

Wali Genie: a selfie robot with multiple capture modes (single, couple, group). It detects your face and tracks you as you move.

Have you found smarter auto-tracking cameras? Please share them here.

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