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5 Awesome DJI Mavic Drone Lighting Kits

The DJI Mavics are some of the best drones on the market with a whole host of smart features. They come with everything you need to go flying right out of the box. Thanks to these drone lights, you can fly like a pro at night:

LUME CUBE for Mavic Pro: these lights let you use your drone as a spotlight to light a scene. A pair of them delivers 3000 lumens of light. You get continuous and 7 different strobing speeds. With 360-degree adjustability, you can cast the light in any direction.

Roboterwerk Dual Drone Light: these lights weigh only 25 grams and offer 720 lumens of output up to 90 degrees. They come with a stainless steel bracket.

Rechargeable LED Propellers for Drones: these are useful for long exposure photography. They last up to 300 minutes on battery to light up your drone at night.

Roboterwerk M.O.N.A Mavic Nightflight Kit: help you capture great videos in darker conditions. Each lamp has 380-lumen light output. They last for up to 30 minutes on battery. You can shine the light to the front or downwards.

PGYTECH Mavic Air Headlamp: a 30-degree rotatable light source with adjustable light intensity. It has high, middle, low, and flashing modes. The light weighs only 41g.

Have you found better drone lights for Mavic drones? Please share them here.

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