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4 Must See DJI Mavic Pro Water Landing Gear

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best consumer drones on the market. It comes with a bunch of advanced features that let you pilot it like a pro. What if you want to land it on water? These 4 Mavic Pro water landing legs can help:

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Landing Mavic Pro Drone on Water

Thekkiinngg Emergency Water Landing Kit for Mavic Pro 2: lets you fly your drone over the water with peace of mind. The drone balls are lightweight, so they don’t interfere with your Mavic Pro’s operation.

3D Printed Water Landing Gear Bracket for Mavic Pro: these are easy to install and let you use empty water bottles to land your Mavic Pro on water.

STARTRC Water Landing Gear: buoyancy sticks that protect your Mavic 2 Pro when you land it on water. You will be able to land on or take off from the surface of the water.

Thekkiinngg Mavic Pro Water Mod: lets you fly your Mavic Pro drone on water with peace of mind. It comes with two inflatable cushions to enable your drone to float on water. They are easy to install and remove too.

Have you found better Mavic water landing legs? Please share them here.


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