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4 Neat Echo Dot 3rd Gen Mounts & Stands

The Echo Dot 3rd Gen is a wonderful speaker with Alexa that makes your home smarter. It doesn’t cost a whole lot either. Thanks to these Echo Dot 3rd gen mounts & stands, you are going to have an easier time using the device all around your home:

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Stands & mounts for Echo Dot 3rd Gen

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf: turns your outlet into a shelf to hold your Echo device or anything else up to 10lbs. It is easy to install and comes with built-in cable management.

Echo Dot Gen 3 Alarm Clock Stand: a 3D printed stand that makes your Echo Dot look like a classic alarm clock. It is available in 3 colors with a gray handle.

TotalMount Outlet Mount: lets you mount your Echo Dot to your power outlet. It keeps your Echo away from accidental bumps and offers cable management.

Echo Dot Ceiling Mount: a beautiful mount that gets your Echo Dot out of your way and doesn’t interfere with its functions. It has a very flat structure and hides away your cables too.

Have you found cooler Echo Dot mounts? Please share them here.

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