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3 Hand Crank Chargers for iPhone & Smartphones

Your iPhone or Android device may last you a few hours on a full charge. But you are going to have to charge your device every couple of days. What if you don’t have access to a power source? These hand crank chargers allow you to generate your own energy to charge your gadgets:

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K-Tor Hand Crank Generator: capable of charging cell phones and Apple products. Just crank to charge up your device.


Kaito KA720-B Wind-up Portable Battery: can charge iPhones, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy, and other mobile devices. It has a 10,000mAh high capacity battery.


Emergency Multi-Functional Flashlight + Charger for Phones: it is a solar, USB, and dynamo crank charger for your gadgets. Great for camping or when you are spending lots of time outdoors.

These phone chargers enable you to charge your gadgets at home and on the go. They are great to have during emergencies.

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