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Use Your iPad In Bed: 4 Bed Stands

The iPad is a wonderful tool for media consumption. Many iPad owners use their tablet in bed. These 4 bed stands help you use your iPad more conveniently in bed:


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LABC iBed Tablet Stand: lets you comfortably use your iPad in bed. It helps reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. You can adjust the height easily.


Floor + Bed Stand for iPad: this stand holds your tablet at an easy-to-read angle. With its auto-locking joints, you can use this stand to hold your tablet in a variety of configurations.


Tablift Bed Stand: it has a universal design, so it works with any tablet without a case. Its flexible legs fold down. You can use the stand on the couch and in bed.


LEVO iPad Floor Stand: a premium stand that lets you sit, recline, or lie in bed and use your tablet without having to use your hands. It supports your tablet in portrait or landscape position.

Have you found better bed stands for your tablet? Please share them here.

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