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5 Must See iPhone Camera Rig Systems

Plenty of people are using their iPhone or other smartphones to capture and produce video. With these smartphone rig systems, you can attach lights, microphones, and other video gear and capture smoother video with your smartphone:

SPG Plus 3-Axis Gimbal Rig for iPhone: this smartphone rig keeps your phone steady as you capture video with your iPhone 7 or other comparable smartphones. It has 5 1/4″ screw ports to attach a flash, microphone, and other gear. The app brings face tracking to the system.

Beastgrip Pro: a rig system and lens adapter for your smartphone. It has a modular design and lets you attach it to a tripod and other video accessories. It works with a variety of smartphones.

iKlip A/V: holds your smartphone and has a XLR mic premap with phantom power for your audio needs.

Diff Cinema Rig Camera Cage: turns any smartphone into a photo/video rig. It supports DSLR camera, point-and-shoot cameras, and smartphones. Lets you mount your light, microphones, and other gear conveniently.

E-image Magic Q30: an adjustable lens adapter and camera rig system for smartphones. It comes with a 37mm threaded lens/filter mount and a removable Bluetooth shutter.

Have you found better smartphone camera gear? Please share them here.

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