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3 Keyboard Cases for Nexus 7 2013

So you got yourself a new Nexus 7? It is an amazing device with fast hardware and sleek design. You can do all kinds of neat things with it. Want to type a lot of stuff using your Nexus 7? These 3 Nexus 7 keyboards could make your life a lot easier:

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MiniSuit Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case: designed for the new Nexus 7, this keyboard case holds your tablet at the right angle and protects it too. Its battery can go for 55 hours on a full charge.


VSTN Google Nexus 7 2 Case + Keyboard
: a portfolio case for your Nexus 7 device with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Has a “hard” laptop style keyboard.

keyboard windows

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Windows & Android
: this keyboard is compatible with Android and Windows 8. It has a carrying case and stand, so your keyboard does not get damaged. This is a Bluetooth keyboard with a working range of 30 feet.

These keyboards make it much easier to type when using your Nexus 7 tablet. They are portable and very handy for bloggers, business professionals, and writers.

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