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3 Nest Cam Mounts & Enclosures

The Nest Cam is a decent security camera that lets you monitor your home 24/7. You get alerts on your phone when sound and motion is detected. The device is pretty easy to use. Thanks to these Nest Cam accessories, you can install your camera indoors or outside more conveniently:

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Nest Mount: lets you connect your Nest Cam directly to a wall outlet and move it from room to room. 


Nest Cam Bird House: an outdoor case that protects your Nest Cam. It has a birdhouse shell.


Dropcases Nest Cam Outdoor Enclosure with Heat Sink: a weatherproof heat sink case for Nest Cam. It has a polarizing lens with an anti-reflection ring. The integrated heat sink keeps your camera cool.

Have you found better cases for the Nest Cam? Please share them here.

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