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5 Must See Overhead Camera Mounts

Plenty of YouTubers share videos from an overhead angle with their audience. You are going to have an easier time capturing your own with the right tools. These overhead camera mounts let you do just that:

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Glide Gear OH100: a metal table top stand for overhead videos. It comes with multiple 1/4-20″ mounting options. It has a max height of 27 inches and width of 34 inches.

Glide Gear EBR150: an overhead tripod riser for your video camera. It works with tripods that support 20 or more pounds. It attaches to tripods with threaded 1/4 20 or 3/8 mounting hole.

Neewer Camera Tripod with Rotatable Center: can hold camcorders and cameras up to 26.5 pounds. The center column can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally. You can also use it as a monopod.

Flexible Desk Camera Crane: this camera crane has a 5ft articulating arm for your camera. It mounts to your desk and lets you capture video from various angles.

PROAIM Extender Arm: works with your slider and tripod to let you capture overhead, pull & push, and low shots. It has a solid aluminum construction and handles cameras up to 11lb.

Have you found better overhead camera mounts? Please share them here.

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