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3 Quality Reflection Filters for Your Microphones

In the past few weeks and months, we have been covering many quality studio microphones and the accessories you can pick up for them to come up with better audio recordings. Not everyone has acoustically treated studio though. That could lead to more noises making their way to your recordings, no matter how expensive your microphone and other equipment are. These 3 reflection filters could help you improve the quality of your work dramatically:

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se electronics

sE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter
: this provides you with a better area for recording audio. It is especially useful for condenser microphones. Make sure your mount can handle the weight though.


Soundkitz AE-F 2 Way Acoustic Audio Recording Filter: a more affordable solution but does offer 2 2ay noise reduction system. It filters interference from the front and rear. This mounts to standard microphone stands and boom mics.


Auralex MUDGUARD Vocal Isolator Sound Dampening Foam
: this filter reduces excessive room ambiance and off-axis sounds during the recording process. It also limits external bleed from unintended sound sources.

These sound filters can’t do miracle. But they do help you improve the quality of your work. Just make sure you have the right mounts and proper space to fit them in your studio.

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