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4 Selfie Lights for Smartphones & Tablets

Many of us use our smartphone or tablet to capture selfies and video everywhere we go. You are going to need proper lighting to record clearer videos. These 4 smartphone & tablet accessories can help:

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LuMee: an iPhone 6 case that illuminates your face, allowing you to chat or take better selfies at night.


Lelux: an iPhone case with dimmable LED lights on the front and back. It is slim and has on/off buttons.


Moon: a portable, wearable selfie light for smartphones. Just clip it on your smartphone, switch it on, and you are ready.


Chatlight: a video chat and selfie light solution that can be attached to your tablet to improve the quality of your photos and video. It is compatible with monitors as well. The battery lasts up to 120 hours.

Have you found better selfie / video chat lights? Please share them here.

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