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3 Smart Bike Locks & Trackers You Should See

Losing your bike can be quite a painful experience. Bikes are not exactly cheap. But if you don’t use a lock, there is a good chance someone will take your bike. Even if you use a lock, someone might still try to steal your bike. These 3 smart bike locks and trackers help you avoid that:


LOCK8: a keyless bike lock with alarm and GPS tracking. It offers multiple theft deterrents. It can be charged through induction. Lets you share your bike with others.

bike lock

BitLock: turns your smartphone into a bike key. It enables peer-to-peer bike sharing. It is compatible with iPhone and Android. The battery lasts you for 5 years.


SainSpeed Mini GPS Tracker: an affordable bike tracker that offers you real time tracking when your bike is stolen. It supports SMS and GPRS tracking.

Losing your bike for whatever reason is not fun. The above products offer theft deterrents and give you peace of mind.

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