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3 Smartphone Rifle Mounts

Many smartphone owners carry their gadget with them everywhere they go. If you love hunting, wouldn’t it be nice if you could attach your phone to your gun to capture all the action? These 3 smartphone gun mounts can help:


InteliScope Pro: converts your smartphone into a tool to enhance your firearm. It has an iOS/Android app that turns your gun into a smart gun. The InteliScope Pro is made of aluminum with a rubberized tactile finish and heavy duty mounting thumb screws.

mark II

Smartphone Scope Mount Mark II: a smartphone gun mount for most scopes. It has a built-in power bank and a carbon fiber body. You can adjust it easily.


G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter: an adapter that lets you look through the scope on your smartphone. You can attach it quickly to start capturing hunting action.

Have you found better gun mounts for smartphones? Please share them here.

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