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3 Solar Briefcase Chargers

Solar chargers are quite useful for folks who spend a lot of time outdoors. You can use them to charge gadgets, batteries, and everything in between. Not all solar chargers are powerful or portable enough to be worth carrying around. Here are 3 solar briefcase chargers that are portable and can get you out of trouble outdoors:

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solar briefcase

Renogy Foldable Solar Suitcase Battery Charger: designed for hikers, campers, and folks dealing with an emergency situation. It supports 12V deep cycle battery varieties. It has built-in tilting stands.


Velleman SOL8 Compact Solar Generator: a compact solar charger capable of handling GPS system, notebooks, tools, and everything in between. It has detachable connectors for different applications. The solar panels are kept together by magnets.

nature power

Nature Power 55702 Solar Panel: it offers up to 6.67 amp of power production. You get Mono-crystalline silicon solar cells and built-in diode to prevent discharging. The briefcase-like design is compact.

These solar chargers are portable and provide you power outdoors. They are not particularly cheap but useful to have around.

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