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5 Cool Solar Chargers for Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a great e-reader. It lets you take thousands of e-books with you on the go without having to carry a whole lot of weight. The battery life for these gadgets is pretty decent. These solar chargers let you power up your e-reader anywhere, even during emergencies:

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Soladec Hybrid All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger
: a portable and quality power charger and external battery pack for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and other USB devices. It has a bright LED light too.

SolarFocus Solar Cover for Kindle Touch: a case and solar charger for the Kindle Touch. It can charge your device and power the LED light.

ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL 4000mAh External Battery Pack
: a battery pack for your gadgets that you can charge using sun light. It works for e-readers, smartphones, and other comparable gadgets.

Goal Zero 12301 Nomad 7M Solar Panel
: collects 7 watts of power from sun light. It can charge USB and 12v devices. It has a built-in pocket to carry your cables.

SunPack Kindle charger: this works for the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other comparable devices. It can also be charged by AC, USB indoor, or car charger. The bag has pockets for your belongings too.

Kindles usually have great batteries. They are energy efficient too. Thanks to the above solar chargers, you can keep your e-readers charged everywhere you go.

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