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2 Solar Umbrellas for Smartphones and Tablets

Many smartphone and tablet owners rely on solar chargers to power up their devices when they do not have access to a power outlet. It is always nice to have a way to charge your gadgets during emergencies. Solar chargers are not just useful during emergencies though. For instance, you can use these 2 solar umbrella chargers to power up your phone or tablet when you are relaxing outside your home:

solar umbrella

Solar Umbrella: has 4 solar panels that are woven into its canopy to generate power for your gadgets. You get a 1000mA battery so you can continue charging your devices in overcast conditions. This umbrella blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Booster Brolly:  a phone charger and signal boosting umbrella. The solar panels gather energy for your phone while the antenna boosts its signal. This hooks up to your phone via USB.

These solar umbrellas can charge your phone and help you stay out of direct sunlight. Nice to have at the beach or in your patio.

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