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5 Wearable Spy Cameras

There are plenty of sophisticated cameras available on the market. But they are not as useful when you need to record video covertly. These 5 wearable spy cameras can help:

belt camera

Belt Spy Camera: this belt can record in 1080p quality. It has 16 GB of internal memory and a 420 mA battery.


Totoab HD Hidden Camera Glasses: a pair of glasses with a discreet 720p, 5 MP camera. It records to a 8 GB TF card.


Neck Tie Covert Camera: a tie with a pocket sized DVR for discreet recording. The FUNOC Neck Tie Cam is able to record 720×480 video in AVI format. It has 4 GB internal memory and can record up to 4 hours per charge.


Cross Necklace Camera: a hidden spy camera with 4 GB of internal memory. You can wear it as a pendant to capture action.

hidden camera

Hidden Camera Sunglasses: a pair of sunglasses designed to capture video in 720p format. The battery lasts for 2 hours.

None of these cameras outperform a regular camera, but they do let you record video in a discreet fashion.

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