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5 Quality Wii Carrying Bags and Cases

The Wii system is pretty old but still a decent gaming console. It is fun to play games with it no matter where you get to do it. If you plan to carry around your Wii, you need a carrying bag for it. Here are 5 carrying cases that make taking your Wii with you everywhere you go easier:

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Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack: an awesome backpack with gaming console sleeve. It has space for your keys, media players, and mobile phone.

travel bag

Wii Handy Travel Bag: has enough room for your console, controllers, 6 game discs, 3 memory cards, and other accessories.


Wii G-pak Console Organizer Case
: a simple Wii organizer that lets you store your Wii, games, controllers, and other accessories. It has a sturdy carrying handle too.

wii bag

Wii Messenger Bag: a fairly decent looking messenger bag for your Wii system. It has space for Wii system, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, power cords, games and accessories.

travel bag

Wii Fit Travel Bag: planning to take your Wii Fit with you along your gaming console? This bag has you covered.

If you plan to carry your Wii with you for a trip, you may want to pick up one of the above carrying cases. They keep your gaming console protected from accidents and hold your accessories too.

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