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4 Selfie Cases for iPhone

Everybody seems to be interested in taking selfies these days. Your iPhone already has a decent camera for capturing photos. Thanks to these cases, you are going to have an easier time capturing better selfies:


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iLuv Selfy Case: a smartphone case with a wireless camera shutter to make selfies. It is available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5.


LuMee Case: this smartphone case lights your face, allowing you to take clearer selfies. It has a long battery life and protects your phone.

wet brush

Wet Brush Selfie Brush Case: lets you take selfies on the go easily. You can also use it as a brush.

anti gravity case

Anti-gravity Case: a nano-suction case that sticks to glass, mirrors, and everywhere else for hands-free selfies. It does not block any of your phone’s functions.

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