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6 Must See Accessories for Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro is a wonderful flying machine that folds down as small as a bottle of water. It can fly at up to 40 mph for 27 minutes. The drone is already very capable but these accessories let you do more out of it:

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DJI Mavic Pro 5 In 1 Rapid Battery Charger: charges 3 batteries for your drone at the same time. It can also charge your smartphone. Takes about 80 minutes to get the job done.

Casematix Rugged Case for Mavic: protects your foldable drone and its accessories. It has space for remotes, batteries, and propellers.

Snow Water Protector for Mavic: can be installed to protect your drone on snow or water. Useful for emergency landing situations.

gouduoduo2018 Prop Propeller Guards, Bumpers: these kits come with landing gear. propeller guards, and other essential tools for your drone.

Mavic Lens Hood: blocks sun and other light sources to reduce lens glare.

DJI Mavic NDVI: a smart sensor that lets you use your Mavic to viewΒ NDVI crop maps and monitor crop health.

Stay tuned as we will cover more Mavic accessories in the future.

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